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I am so happy to have found Jessica - as a trainer, coach, and friend!  I cannot express how much Jessica’s expertise, as well as continued support and encouragement, has changed my life.  Being healthy is a life style - and Jess has taught me all the tools to succeed.  I cannot say enough good things about Jessica andher fitness studio - she is truly one of a kind.
Melanie DiStaula

Jessica, the owner of the studio, is a wonderful, hands-on fitness trainer and Pilates instructor who knows how to motivate her students. She has extensive experience and knowledge about fitness and weight training, Pilates, and nutrition. Her classes are very challenging, but she is always there to help you correct your form and give you the encouragement you need to improve. I love the intimate atmosphere at her studio and the smaller class size. This gives you the opportunity to receive more attention about your form and your progress. The students in the classes are great and very supportive of each other. At Pilates Fitness, you are not stuck in a long-term contract or paying a great deal of money upfront. You can buy one class or training session at a time or a package at a discount. My Pilates and personal training sessions have improved my core and overall strength as well as my flexibility and balance. Try it!
Susan Chanley

I have been coming to Pilates Fitness for almost 6 years and really cannot imagine life without Pilates at this point. Jessica teaches Classical Pilates which is not for the faint of heart but it works. Jessica gives individualized attention to each client and really gets to know our bodies and what our particular needs are. These classes are hard work but very effective and Jessica is a great motivator. As you progress and learn more exercises, each class is never quite the same, so I continue to be challenged even after so many years!
Elise Reitshamer

I went to a dance conference in October 2011 and they offered a Pilates class.  It seemed like a good workout and I thought it was something that I would like to try.  I looked into classes when I got home and decided to try Pilates Fitness& Personal Training Studio.  I had just lost 30lbs and had done it using Weight Watchers, but I did it without working out consistently.   I did not gain the “Freshmen Fifteen” in College, but the “Junior Thirty.”  I was someone who would go the gym but I was not doing the right exercises to see results.  I started to take the Beginner Mat Class 1-2 times a week and private personal training sessions with Jessica the owner.   With Jessica as a Personal Trainer, I started to see those results that I had been looking for.  I lost that weight that I put on and with the help of Jessica and Pilates Fitness I have lost another 20lbs and gained muscle that I never had.  I cannot praise or thank Jessica enough for motivating me to become the healthy person that I am today. 
Caity Boyle

I've been coming to Pilates Fitness & Personal Training Studio for almost 4 years now and have been thrilled with the results that my body has achieved. This is not your typical fitness studio. The classes are challenging and worth every penny. You will be able to do things with your body that you never thought you could do with confidence in a safe and friendly environment. All of the instructors are extremely compassionate and encouraging and make you feel part of the studio family immediately. This studio separates itself from the others in that it provides a very personal touch. Jessica, the studio owner is extremely knowledgeable about the classical approach to Pilates and the overall Fitness industry. All of the instructors are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and personally help achieve your fitness goals. For example, I am constantly asking Jessica for nutritional advice and other types of exercise to improve my workout regime and she is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge and advice with any of her students. If you're getting sick of your cookie cutter gym routine and up for challenging your body in ways its never been challenged, then Pilates Fitness & Personal Training is the studio for you!
Katie Brett