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Class Descriptions

Group Mat Classes – Pilates Fitness & Personal Training’s smaller class sizes give you the added benefits of more personalized instruction in a supportive, friendly class setting. Mat classes will challenge your endurance, strength and coordination. The results will make your body look and feel years younger and much stronger.

Beginner Mat classes introduce classical Pilates mat exercises to newcomers while challenging more practiced students to perfect their technique. Focus is placed on proper execution, breathing, and transition from one exercise to another.

Intermediate and Advanced Mat classes bring students to even higher levels of proficiency in Pilates which enhances and improves all other athletic and fitness activities.

Stability Ball classes combine Intermediate/Advanced Mat exercises performed on a stability ball. In this unique class, the addition of a stability ball serves to challenge your flexibility, strength and endurance.

Functional Training classes are based on advanced strength and conditioning exercises that develop your competency in strength, flexibility, balance, agility, stamina and speed -- all while having lots of fun as students compete against themselves and each other.

Private Mat Training
Personal one-on-one instruction on the mat is tailored to each client’s body, fitness level and unique goals.

Private Pilates Apparatus Training
Incorporating state-of –the-art apparatus, this private Pilates instruction on the equipment provides muscle conditioning exercises for your entire body, utilizing resistance from springs and straps. Muscles are toned, lengthened and stretched, while stabilizing and strengthening your body.